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In Business Learn to Adapt or Fail

The Rabbit would spend every morning on his iPad his RSS feed and following the Twitter feed of the experts in his industry. He understood how fast business can change and he was focused not to be left behind. His business would always be ahead of the curve. Lesson: Business is constantly changing and it is vital for success that ...

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You Need A Business Model

“He’s just a hustler” said the Bear. As he watched Fox move from venture to venture with no idea how to make money. As he pulled his cubs aside, he said, “I’ve been in business for years and you have to understand that when you’re in business one of the most vital things to take into account is the business ...

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It Only Takes One Idea

The Lion pushes toward his plan of making money by selling leaves to the ants during the rainy days. He knew there would be profits but alas, he spots the elephant doing the same thing at a cheaper rate. He could not compete with the elephant and packed his items up.  Later that night, the lion thought to himself, “This ...

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Business is 24x7x365

The Rabbit took a drink of Red Bull and found himself back on the computer coding away. At night he spent his time coding while during the day he pitched his new concept to venture capitalist across Silicon Valley. Even after he received Venture Capital for his business, he worked even harder understanding that when he wasn’t working, there was ...

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Add Value to Clients

Over years the Flamingo ran her lemonade stand and worked hard to ensure that each customer had an enjoyable experience. Her intern, the Frog one day asked the Flamingo, “How do you continue to grow despite the tough economy? How’s that possible when every other lemonade stand is struggling?” Related Post: Getting Your Business Out of the Gates Fast in 2013 ...

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