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Layer Your Marketing Plan

One morning the Bear and his friend Penguin were getting ready for the long day ahead. Bear had fixed his plate of food with everything from breakfast to dinner foods. Each was layered on top of the other. Penguin looked to Bear in curiosity, “Why are you stacking all that food, Bear?” In turn Bear smiled, “I’m layering to cover ...

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Start off by Copying Instead of Innovating

The older Monkey sat on his stool quickly peeling some of the new bananas coming in that day. His skill with peeling was quick and fluid after years of practice and trying new methods. The younger Gorilla had been trying his own peeling; though it left the bananas mushed and took much longer. Perhaps one day he would perfect a ...

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Customers Just Want to be Heard

As the leader of the herd, Elephant came out to meet with the disgruntled Boar. There was far too much noise at night, Board said. His group couldn’t sleep a wink. Elephant, though upset about the complaint, nodded and listened to everything Boar had to say. By the end of the meeting Boar felt much better and both left the ...

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Networking Events Are a Must

The Snake was never happy about slithering out into unfamiliar territories as far as business went. He was pleased with his marketing reach to the Prairie Dog homes nearby and the Rabbits across the road. But he knew he needed to do more. Finally Snake ventured out to a nearby event and by the end the other animals knew his ...

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Restart a Business with a Brand Makeover

Badger wanted to dust off his business with a new meaning. Having sold fruit by the side of the road for years he wanted a new challenge and a new start. He painted a new sign, came up with a snazzy new name, and added vegetables to the list of produce he was selling. Badger had transformed his brand into ...

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Franchise When Your Business Becomes Profitable

Seal had worked and struggled at his fish business for years. His partner, Lobster, brought up the idea of franchising the business. Seal thought about it and knew Lobster was the perfect man for the job. The thought of keeping the business to one office when they had orders stretching out all over the place seemed unwise to him, and ...

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Market Well by Treating Your Business like a Brand

Horse called Hog about his business for advice. He needed help with marketing for his new hay business. Hog, in turn, urged him to treat his business like a brand, “If you start the hay business, act as if the business is what you are selling. Send out letters and advertise on the radio. Your business is what you want ...

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Sales Requires Passion

Squirrel was impressed by Panda and his pitch. Panda had passion for his product, bamboo flooring, and knew it all. He told Squirrel prices and described the ease of cleaning, how long it typically lasted in a nest and even tips for repairing any scratches. Panda no doubt loved his product, which was what Squirrel was more impressed with than ...

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When Dealing With Negative Feedback: Apologize

Lion hated to apologize for what he thought was another person’s fault. It just wasn’t in his nature to apologize to anyone. Though he knew for the sake of his business he needed to do something. Swallowing his pride, Lion went out to apologize for the mistake made. Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Hearpreneur post “Tips for Dealing ...

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Think win-win in business

In his weekly business podcast the Owl said that all salespersons and entrepreneurs should think win-win when it comes to business and relationships. Try to focus on “mutually beneficial relationships.” Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO post “Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Divulge Their Best Sales Tips – Even Without the Secret Password”.

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