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Learning to Place Barriers

Polar Bear had not been managing her time well at all. Meetings were piling up, her customers were always waiting to hear back from her and there was a mountain of paperwork on her desk. She wanted to do everything for everyone and soon realized this was not the way to be productive. As much as she hated to, Polar ...

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Be Different From What’s Out There

Penguin had been selling snow bowls for years now. More and more competitors were coming to the field and making products that were similar to Penguin’s. Enough was enough. Penguin decided to go back into his workshop and make a completely new bowl all his own. With a new bowl design and a refreshed attitude, Penguin went out to his ...

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Constant, Strategic Changes

Chipmunk knew he had to do something quick to make his business stand out. Down the path another flower market had opened and sold the same flowers he picked each morning. From that day on Chipmunk put into action a plan of changes that occurred each month and gave his customers more of a choice, which in turn made his ...

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Being Able to Write and Speak From a Position of Authority

Badger had been trying to read the blogs and catch up on the next big thing in social media. She already used several of the sites already, but she knew something else was afoot. People were starting to ask her opinion on topics and her searches revealed questions asked about topics she excelled in. Knowing full well that answering these ...

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Listen Closely to the Client’s Needs

Bat was great at listening in certain situations. But hearing the specific needs of his client sometimes fell through the cracks when he was focused on closing a sale. Friend Mouse shook his head, “You need to pay more attention to what they say, not just the sale.” Bat snorted! As he began to think about it he decided maybe ...

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When You’re Looking to Diversify and Add Products

With her product line going along well, Chicken decided she needed to add a little extra. She wanted to put a twist on the line by adding a new item that would be sure to lure customers in! Knowing she didn’t have the experience to do it along she decided hiring outside was her best bet to making it all ...

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Remember to Have Patience

A big sale was coming up and Cat had done it all before. He’d closed the big sale and always liked to have things two or three weeks ahead of schedule. There was too much to do and wasting time when a sale could be done sooner. Parakeet told Cat he needed to slow down and have patience, not try ...

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When Expert Advice is Needed but Not Available

Dolphin was busy bottling his bubble mixture when he hit an issue with the marketing. No matter what idea he thought of he knew there was a major issue in his way. Shark suggested he get some expert advice on the subject. Dolphin had no such service on his staff so decided now was the time to hire an expert ...

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Avert Stage Fright in a Sale

Possum was nervous. He had a big sale coming up and he knew it was important to remain calm and try his best. And as much as he wanted to curl up in a ball and pretend the sale had already been made, playing possum wouldn’t help him now. Instead he averted his stage fright, remained confident and closed the ...

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Put Out Important Information

Dog recently started his weekly newsletter – “The Bow WOW!” His numbers weren’t great as far as how many signed up for the newsletter. Knowing something needed to be done to improve his audience, Dog decided to look into including more valuable information for his specific audience. From then on his readership grew and his numbers climbed steadily until the ...

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