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Make the Customer Feel Important

Hippo had been at his business for a few months. One day Giraffe came to his door with a complaint, “My order was wrong and nobody seems to want to help me!” Hippo knew this wasn’t right so he let Giraffe in, gave him a cup of water and asked him what he could do to fix the problem. Giraffe ...

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Stop Hanging Around Negative People

Grasshopper had been spending time with Fly after work recently. Instead of looking on the bright side, Fly always talked badly about people and made fun of everything. Soon enough Grasshopper found himself doing the same. Realizing the error of his ways, Grasshopper began spending less and less time with Fly and felt better now that he wasn’t around such ...

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Comment Back to People

Crow had been trying her best to build more relationships online. They would always talk to her for a short time and then she would never hear from them again. It was a real problem! Seagull suggested she make more of an effort in connecting and commenting back on those who visited her page. The tip worked and soon people ...

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Treat Every Customer with a Smile

Crocodile always looked a little grumpy – Chipmunk said it was just his face. “Try and smile at every customer no matter how glum you feel that day. Even if you’re just pretending, it will soon turn real!” It was good advice, Crocodile thought. Soon enough Crocodile was grinning all the time and his customers noticed. Lesson: This lesson is ...

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Having Me-Time and Not Being Connected 24/7

Skunk was always connected. He had a phone by his side, email, texting, and took calls whenever the phone rang. Everyone knew they could always reach him anytime they needed to. Because of this, Skunk’s stress level was overwhelming. Finally he came to realize that he needed some me-time and to not answer the phone constantly. There was a time ...

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You Need to Be Authentic

Some customers were unsure if Chameleon could be trusted as a reliable connection online. He was always changing how he treated one person from another in order to satisfy all customers. Iguana told him the key to networking online was to always be authentic. From then on Chameleon decided to stay true to his colors while making connections online. Lesson: ...

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Always Be Optimistic

There were times when Donkey just couldn’t see the bright side of things. He saw the news and felt unhappy, looked at businesses closing and become even more down. Even with his business he started to become pessimistic. Finally his friend Bluebird came along and told him to be a good entrepreneur he needed to have an optimistic outlook! Nobody ...

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One Personality Doesn’t Cut It

Walrus had decided on becoming an entrepreneur since he was young. Some people said he needed a change of personality, but Walrus thought maybe one personality wouldn’t cut it. From then on he decided to sample a few different personalities so he could cover all sides of business life. Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Hearpreneur Post: “The Best ...

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Learn From Professional Athletes

Turtle had been trying to find out some activities to help with his work stress. Nothing seemed to work for him until he visited his friend Hare, a true athlete. Hare had a lot of different techniques he used which, in turn, he taught Turtle. After this Turtle was less stressed and feeling healthier! Lesson: This lesson is inspired by ...

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Do Your Homework

Upon getting his business of the ground, Fox was eager to push it ahead at full speed. Asking Rabbit for his advice he discovered that he was actually doing something right – research! Fox had his nose in books for the last week looking over figures and ideas to help his business. Doing his homework would definitely give him the ...

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