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Photos Create a Buzz

Beaver was much too excited about his new invention for logging. The product had to be seen to be believed by the marketplace. Knowing he had to get it out there, pictures were the way to get social media sites buzzing. The images could show people how well his product worked! Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a ...

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Keeping Simple with Sales

Tiger had tried several tactics for sales. Making a big presentation full of facts and figures left him feeling distanced from the potential client. A big scene was not his style and soon he realized keeping it simple was key. It would keep him on the clients level and giving the facts in plain form would not confuse anyone. From ...

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Having a Unique Marketing Strategy

One afternoon Puffin had been speaking with Bear about marketing strategy. Bear had given the same answer and strategy as Puffin always heard. And though he thanked Bear, he knew he needed to do something more. Puffin sat down and created his own unique marketing strategy to capture everyone’s attention. Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO ...

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Incorporate when you have a name, mission, and vision for your business

Mouse decided she needed to incorporate her business. She had heard people tell her to incorporate as soon as possible to keep her business safe. After figuring out the perfect name, the mission of business and what vision she had for the future, Mouse was able to incorporate her business without a problem. Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the ...

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Hiring a Consultant as a Business Resource

Elk was drowning in research over how to complete a certain task. He couldn’t even focus on his business because he was too busy trying to figure out one side of things. Finally he decided enough was enough, it was time to bring in someone who knew that they were talking about. Hiring a consultant to assist him gave Elk ...

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Everyone Needs a Break

The Lamb was exhausted. She didn’t think taking breaks was worth it and continued working even when she was much too tired. Sparrow told her that taking breaks could be beneficial; it could get her mind focused and reduce stress. Lamb began taking breaks and found she worked much better after a short rest! Lesson: This lesson is inspired by ...

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Having a Diverse and Enthusiastic Team

Iguana began gathering his team. First he hired Bear, then Boar, and finally Panda. His group was diverse and each had their opinion on a subject. More than this, each member was open to hearing out the opinion of another. Each meeting Iguana left with a new idea about his business and a thankfulness for having such a diverse team. ...

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Letting Your Friends Spread the Word for Cheap Marketing

Panther was low on cash but rich in friends. His new venture was bootstrapped so relying on his friends was the only option. He began allowing them to spread the word to their friends, hiring him for small jobs, and generally pumping his business up allowed him to build his marketing with little to no budget. Lesson: This lesson is ...

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Scheduling When You Have the Most Energy

Turtle wanted to make the post of his time. He tried a few things but realized if he scheduled the most important tasks around when he knew he had the most energy, which was the afternoon, he could get more done and save time. Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Tips to Maximize Your Time”

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Land Your First Client with Passionate Talk

Parrot had prepared his speech for weeks. He knew his meeting was approaching and as much as he loved his product, he wanted it to show in his pitch. When the day came he knew exactly what to say and did so in a way his potential clients would be able to sense his passion. Lesson: This lesson is inspired ...

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