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Answering Questions from Customers

Badger was not the best at trying to figure out the new trends. His friends all urged him to get his business a blog and start connecting with his customers. Unsure of what to do with a blog, Badger studied a little online and then went to check on his email. Finding question upon question waiting for him from clients. ...

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Don’t Forget to Share the Love

Rhino was a pretty stubborn boss. Although he liked his employees, he wasn’t close to any of them. Most of the time he simply nodded to them each day and went about his business. One day his co-owner, Crow, suggested he might want to share with everyone how great his team was doing. Crow knew this would help Rhino’s employees ...

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Don’t Be Fake

Parrot was not so great in the sales department. More often than not when he went on a sales call he made things all the worse by trying to pretend he was much better at sales than he actually was. The clients could always tell he was faking and were uneasy to do business with him after this. Speaking with ...

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From the Very Beginning

Turkey was about to unleash his new handmade bracelet line. A few weeks before he had been considering his shipping methods and how he wanted to handle shipping to those outside his area. He was unsure whether it was a good move or if he should wait for his product to get a little more established. His friends told him ...

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Have a Strong Strategy to Go By

Though Jaguar had made all the right choices in his business there was one thing he couldn’t control – the recession. While businesses around him were falling left and right, Jaguar was trying to both keep his business profitable and afloat during the rough times. Not wanting to let any of his workers go he decided he needed to sit ...

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Give Them Exactly What They Don’t Expect

Owl was never the most outspoken of her company. She was incredibly proud of her work and most of the time when she submitted a project her supervisors were extremely impressed. After a few months she wanted to be a little more known in order to get a promotion in the future. Her coworkers always thought she was quiet and ...

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No Cost/Low Cost Online Job Boards

Just starting out in the world of business, Iguana didn’t have an entire staff dedicated to finding him employees. Now and then he would interview candidates in his office but it never seemed like any of them had the right qualities he was looking for. Knowing he needed to make a change he starting to view sites and post the ...

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Don’t Be Afraid to Be Smart

Dog was timid in her business position and felt as though she needed to be more assertive. Her friends and co-workers gave her advice, but she wasn’t sure if it was the correct to follow since she worked in a male dominated field. Dog knew she was quite smart and had the ability to do her job very well, maybe ...

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When Potential Clients Demand It

After a year of working hard Sheep found some solid success. Her product was selling very well locally and in different areas surrounding hers. Now and again she would get a message from a customer across the big pond asking if there was a way they could take advantage of her product. There was no product they knew of locally ...

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Freedom to ‘Customize’ Their Job

Otter loved his employees. Most of them were friends he grew up with and some of them were simply workers he had grown to love because of how great he got along with them. While he knew he was the boss of them, he didn’t want to be too strict on them. He knew all of his employees were great ...

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