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Defining Immediate Plans

Rooster was doing well with his business. It was at the beginning stages and he felt in control of everything. One thing he felt he needed was to define some immediate plans. The next few months he wanted to boost sales and make some changes so with the help of his friend Pig the two made some plans in a ...

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Take a Look at Time zones

Falcon had expanded his business to reach across the pond for the first time ever. He knew the times were different and it would be dark when it was light at his nest, but he was confused as to how he should deal with it. Eventually Falcon realized that to have valuable clients in other places he would need to ...

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Be Confident, Be Fearless

There were days when Puma felt like she didn’t have the power to get her business going. For years she had dreamed and plan for the day but now every obstacle seemed larger than life and she just wanted to go back home and hide. Reading a book on her shelf she saw the words ‘be confident, be fearless’ and ...

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Give Up Some Control

Turkey was having trouble dealing with his children and keeping his business going. Each needed his undivided attention and if he gave more attention to one part, the other started to fail. He couldn’t ignore his children, but he couldn’t abandon his employees. Turkey felt like he needed to be at work all the time to make sure things were ...

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You are Stronger than You Believe

Mountain Lion was having doubts about her business skill. It had only been a few months since she started her business and already she had hit a brick wall and was scared to climb over to the other side. Her friend Moose sat down and gave her a pep talk, “You are much stronger than you believe.” From that point ...

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Competitors Can be the Best Source for Referrals

Butterfly was worried when another business like his moved in right down the road from his. They had a lot of the same products and the owners seemed very kind! Bird suggested that instead of worrying he went down to meet and speak with them. The advice was taken and soon Butterfly and the new business owners had a deal ...

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Appreciate Your Loyal Customers

Turtle had some bad luck with his business. It eventually failed and Turtle was left holding the bag. Instead of moping and whining about it, he decided restarting the business was the only thing that mattered. There were also former clients who were loyal to him and his business. Because of this, they helped Turtle off his back and into ...

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Plan Ahead

Seagull had not been planning out his weeks. Instead of trying to be organized and manage his time well, he insisted on just taking each day as it came. At the end of each week he was tired, stressed and irritated at all he had failed to do that week. His friend Crab suggested he begin planning his weeks ahead ...

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Reach Out to Friends

Squirrel had everything he needed to start his business. The only thing missing was an actual client. There were a few bites here and there but nothing ever came to fruition. He knew his friends were likely to have contacts which would make great clients, but he didn’t want to seem like a burden. Finally he decided that’s what friends ...

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