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By Providing a Referral

Rabbit knew the best thing she could do for her business was to get a customer to give a referral. The moment a great customer gave their approval to a friend or a co-worker she knew that it most likely would generate more business. So all her efforts were put towards generating some good referrals and creating an incentive program ...

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Creative Internal Branding Exercises

Talking to friends one morning Lamb was discussing how he could put a fun spin on branding his business. Were there certain ways of doing so that he had completely overlooked? Steer gave a little shrug before sipping from his mug, “Maybe you could start from the inside out?” To Lamb this seemed like a reasonable idea. If he had ...

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If You’re Not Prepared to Wait and Learn, Hire an Expert

Owl was ready to get his branding in gear. He had been to the library reading up about how to best brand a business. There were articles pinned to the walls of his office and books piled on the desk. There was little doubt in his mind that he could brand his business in such a smooth, quick way that ...

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Make an Effort to Target Young Adults

Bear had a product that usually appealed to an older audience. Knowing there was an entire market share he was missing, Bear decided to put some steps into action. He hired a younger designer to give his website a few extra perks that may appeal to a younger crowd. One of his friends helped him create an app for phones ...

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Teamwork is Key

Duck had planned for a company picnic and the day was almost upon him. He knew all too well that his workers weren’t always going to be thrilled about spending their time with the people they worked with, and the boss, on the days that they were off of work. But having a company picnic was a chance for his ...

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Piggyback off Current Events

Rooster was a keen observer of the news. He always kept current on events going on both in his town and out in the world. One such event had caught his attention over the last few days and since it dealt with his business in some small way, he figured it would be wise to jump on the train and ...

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Incite Your Audience to Feel Something

Panda was a writer at heart. His family had always owned a business since birth so when it was time for him to take it over he did so, though he brought with him his love of the written word. The business not not been focused much on the art/writing part of things but Panda decided if he wanted the ...

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Know Your Customers as Deeply as Possible

Giraffe has been reading up at his local library about what it meant to be a good, bold leader. Each book he went through had a similar theme to it – customers. Keeping customers happy was the lifeblood of any good business. Having only been in business for a few months, Giraffe had done well with his customers so far ...

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When you design your business card do something…

When you design your business card, do something different! e.g. use clear plastic, steel

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From the Bottom Up

Monkey was on the verge of turning her business inside out and upside down. She had decided on hiring a designer familiar with her field and began to meet with him every week to discuss what needed to be done. Some people changed a few things about their business just to make some waves. For Monkey and the designer they ...

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