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Give it Time and Space

Steer had made a lapse in judgement and ran an add that was meant to compete with another company but came off as an angry attack. He certainly didn’t intend for it to come off like that, but the more people say it the angrier they became. Customers were starting to leave or demand answers from Steer. Each time he ...

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Start With Your Online Presence

Turtle absolutely loved his website…when he first started his business. Over time his online presence had begun to show some wear and tear around the edges. There were a lot more modern sites out there and it was getting harder to compete with the online side of things. Finally after some advice from a fellow entrepreneur, Turtle hired a consultant ...

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Tell the Truth and Fix What’s Been Broken

There was a mistake. Mouse had let orders go out that contained absolutely nothing in them. Large orders at that. When the calls started pouring in of angry businesses that had trusted their supply to be filled, Mouse was frazzled. As much as he wanted to bury his head in the sand and let someone else deal with it all, ...

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The creativity and innovation should be a sign…

The creativity and innovation should be a sign to entrepreneurs and business owners in all industries that the “old” way of doing business has changed and now it is time to usher in new ways of thought and innovation. – See more at:

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Take Inventory of Your Values Today

Lion had been debating about giving his business a new gloss to it. It had been several years since he started the company and over time his values and goals had changed somewhat. His brand didn’t exactly reflect that as it was now. The next day Lion took stock of his new outlook and met with some designers on how ...

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Put Your Logo on Everything

Gecko had just bought an entire shipment of various promotional products. Before the purchase he asked some of his fellow entrepreneurs their thoughts on how he should brand the items. Some said no to the logo, but most agreed to the idea. So that evening before the purchase Gecko thought long and hard about what to do. It seemed almost ...

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Do Research on People

Cricket wasn’t about to just go rushing out to find someone to help design his website. Every single day when he got online there were ads and emails from sites and people begging him to let them help. On the surface all of these people seemed reasonable and great at their job. But having had several friends who got into ...

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Align Your Personal Image with Your Brand

Sparrow was a fairly fashionable gal. All her friends came to her for fashion advice and her male friends would begrudgingly allow her to pick out their clothing. Everyone who met her always commented about her being so unique in her style and the way she did certain things. So when it came to her business, letting her personality and ...

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It’s all About Consistency

To Hare, branding your business was the one thing he worried about most. He knew his products were solid and they nearly sold themselves, but one major thing he lost sleep over was making sure his brand was as strong as his products. Instead of flitting from one thing to another he decided that staying consistent with his branding message ...

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Showing What Your Business is all About

Turkey was in the process of starting her business and making sure everything was in place before the big reveal. She had her products in place, marketing partners and just about everything else one would need for their business. The final straw was to make sure her business was branded online properly. Meeting with a website designer she made she ...

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