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Quality Over Quantity

Crow was about to purchase some items to brand his business with. They would have his logo all over them and be sent to clients and potential customers. While looking around he noticed that he could buy some cheaper items and more of them, or spend a few dollars extra to get something great. In the end he decided that ...

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Playful Site Design

Beetle had been working on a site to help his customers get a feel for what his business was all about. Since the majority of clients he did business with lived elsewhere, his website was mainly what they interacted with. While his product wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world, he made extra sure his website was. It was ...

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Look at Your Audience Before Choosing

Rhino and his co-owner were running through a catalog they received in the mail all about promotional products. These items seemed like they could be a unique way to spread the word about their business and also give their customers a unique item to connect them with. Before choosing a few items to brand they studied over a few and, ...

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Branding Online Needs the Human Element

Penguin had been building up her business and making it known to the public. There was a steady base of new consumers who were not only promoting her brand but also jumping on board with her entire business in general. Though Penguin enjoyed having such a trendy brand going, she also didn’t want it to become too impersonal. So instead ...

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Intimate, Authentic and Unexpected

Bullfrog had seen her competitors down the street. A few of them had placed out fancy signs, others were having free treats on special days. Knowing her business needed to be playing a little catchup with the rest, she decided sending out some gifts that were a little different than the others were doing. For a week she did her ...

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Showing What Your Business is All About

Raccoon had started his business from the ground up and decided that it was finally time to get it up and running online for more people to see and visit. He had a small website up and running but it wasn’t much and his customers barley knew it even existed. So he decided to make the website a little better ...

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Items That Reflect Your Company

Swordfish had been building a market for knives at his company and wanted more people to know about the new line he was about to introduce to the public. He had the idea to send around some colorful rubber knives as a fun gift for customers who may have been interested in the new line, but he wasn’t sure if ...

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Find Something Useful and Trendy

Hippo loved the prospect of giving her business a little extra boost by showering some of her clients with some free goodies. There were so many items to choose from in the book that she wasn’t exactly sure which item would be the best for her and the most exciting for her clients. In the end she decided to go ...

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Do Something Different – Really Different

Fox was in his den when a sudden thought came to him. It was a bolt of lightning in the form of a new product. His business unfortunately had just released a new product to the public and people were thoroughly enjoyed it. This new product would be a companion to the other. So instead of telling his staff about ...

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A Passion for Serving Others

For years and years Mule had committed his life to serving others. As the boss of a small business, Mule learned early on that some of his workers looked to him as much more than just a simple business leader. They looked at him as a mentor and an example of what a CEO should be. He always made time ...

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