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Make a Prototype

Gecko was getting into the swing of those whole business concept. He had never been much of a businessperson, but he was an inventor. He spent hours in his basement thinking up products and sketching them out on paper without really putting them into actual production. Once evening he hit upon his best product yet. He ran to his basement ...

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Good Service is What People Buy

Moth had hit a bit of a snag with her business. It seemed like it was slower than usual and she just didn’t understand why. For years her business had been at the top of its game and now things were at an impasse. Maybe she had gotten lax on her customer skills being behind the desk all day. Maybe ...

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Survey Your Customers – Literally

Falcon had been thinking of new ideas to get a sense of how customers were reacting to her brand and business as a whole. In the past she would call around to customers and ask for their opinion but most of the time they didn’t answer or were confused by why she would be calling them in the first place. ...

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Design is the Silver Bullet

Panther was a young entrepreneur so she had a leg up when it came to branding her business. She knew one thing that the older generation might not have been aware of when it came to business – style. Younger customers wanted to buy from a company that was fashionable and edgy. Being proud to put the logo on their ...

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Take a Break

Rhino was in the business of overworking himself. There wasn’t a time during the day that he either wasn’t working, having meetings or generally thinking about something related to work. And by the end of each month he was completely and utterly exhausted. Finally when he wife visited him for lunch and heard him talking nonstop about his business she ...

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Keep Them Wanting More

Lion might not have been young himself but lucky for him he had three kids. He knew exactly the steps he needed to take when trying to attract their attention. At home, if he gave them everything they wanted all at once they would get bored easily and run out of things to do. But if he teased them with ...

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Find a Great Business Partner

Whale was excited and ready with his idea to open a new business. The only problem was that he knew, without a doubt, that running a business alone was more stress than he could handle with his other duties. Asking around he realized that she best solution for this problem would be to find a great business partner. Someone to ...

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Pay Special Attention to Social Media

Wasp was a little old-fashioned and comfortable with his business. His staff members were young and getting even younger as the years went by. Finally it occurred to Wasp that perhaps he should look into trying to capitalize on the growing market of tech-savvy young people with money to spend. He went to his young staff members and asked if ...

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Put Skin in the Game

Armadillo had been working on changing things up with his business. A group of business partners had met to discuss some exciting changes which could be made to liven up things around the office. Armadillo had been having some ideas of his own during the meeting and decided to speak with his co-owner when he returned to the office. He ...

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Management and Employee Success Are Intertwined

Kangaroo was attending a seminar by a business leader who had started 15 business in his lifetime. Most were successful and he sold them off to begin a new business. While sitting and listening she paid extra attention to one point he had made – managers alone create success for their employees. Kangaroo realized that nothing could be truer. As ...

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