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Fostering a Proud Corporate Culture

Rabbit thoroughly enjoyed being the leader of his company. Not only did he have amazing employees and people he could depend on, but his company as a whole gave him the utmost joy. Sure there were down days and times when he wanted to hand the lead off to someone else. But the reason that he enjoyed being the leader so much was due to the company culture he had been building since day one. He wanted his workers to come to the office feeling like there was truly a reason beyond money they were at this job. They spend so much time at work, they shouldn’t have to feel like they were held against their will at a job they didn’t like. So Rabbit put all his effort into making sure the culture of his business was the best part of his company.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Hearpreneur Post “Entrepreneurs Share Why They Endeavor Through the Trenches of Being a Leader

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