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Having a Mentor

Camel had been working at dead end jobs for years now. His true passion was creating products instead of simply making them from some book. Suddenly one evening he realized that he needed to make a new start. One that didn’t involve him following by another set of rules someone else had laid out for him. He had the ideas, ...

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Bad Customer Service Can Be Viral

Shark knew customer service was the most important part of any business. So important, he thought, that he began giving a lecture on it to any new recruit he hired. One of the biggest things he emphasized in his speech was that fact that in this day and age one slip up can be send around the world in a ...

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Gain Relationships with Colleges and Universities

Panda had been looking for employees for the new business he was trying to get off the ground. Instead of doing so through online sites dedicated to getting workers hired, he went another route. He contacted the local college in his neighborhood and requested that they sent the resumes of any graduates looking for a job in his field to ...

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Keep Positive

Crow could easily have gotten upset about certain things in business. There was a lot of stress to deal with, of course. There were issues with hiring, employees, products and any number of things. There were times when Crow just wanted to throw up his wings and take a month off from doing anything at all. But knowing how unhappy ...

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Interviewing People Outside Your Network

When starting her business, Baboon wanted to make sure that she would have all skills covered. Her company was filled with her friends as workers and she debated whether or not she needed to just stick straight to the people she knew and not wander outside of this. But Baboon felt that the best business had people from all backgrounds ...

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Schedule Repetitive Tasks

Each day there were certain things that Falcon knew she needed to do. They were small, daily things that sometimes got in the way of running her business. Checking on her Facebook wall and other social media sites slowed her down. Talking to a friend about this very thing she learned that he, also a fellow business owner, would usually ...

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A Personal Assistant

Chipmunk had just bought the new iPhone and had been researching ways that it would help him with his business. There were obvious ways like Apps to help him with payments and keeping up with clients. Even the most basic Apps like calendars and calculators helped out a lot in his daily life of trying to manage everything. But the ...

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Set Daily Priorities

Seal knew the only way to get what he needed done in the day was to make a list of his top priorities. Each morning after breakfast he would sit down with a full list of things he needed to accomplish and one by one he could mark things off and cancel meetings until he had a final list of ...

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Exercise Everyday

Hog had been feeling like he didn’t have much energy to do anything around the office. He sat behind his desk and let his employees do their work without walking the floors or getting involved in any of the smaller meetings. Realizing he needed to get some of his energy back he started to walk each morning with his wife ...

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Office Time is Not Family Time

Penguin was having a spat with her son at home. They had been arguing over whether or not he could build a porch onto the back of his room to have some more privacy. The trouble was…her son also worked with her at their shared business. While the argument wasn’t a major one she knew that if they let their ...

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