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Think Like You Have No Money to Spend

When Lion was about to start his business he came across an article which changed the way he thought about the beginning. It urged all new entrepreneurs to think like they had no money to spend. Lion thought it was a great idea. Instead of hiring outside help to do simple, basic tasks he decided to take some time out ...

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Professional Respect

Otter was always raving to her daughter about the latest product she had come up with at her place of business. Her daughter also ran a small business with similar products. After a few years they decided to merge the two and become co-owners of the single company. While Otter always had ideas, her daughter knew just how to put ...

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Don’t Buy Fancy Equipment

Whale had been looking over some glossy new office supply magazines sent to his business. Each page was full of beautiful new supplies which, he thought, would make his company much more of a success in terms of how it looked. His business was new and he had been bootstrapping since the opening day. And although all the beautiful new ...

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Make Sure You Have Compatible Personalities

Beaver had been working with his soon for several months now. It was an internship with his son, but he wanted to bring him on full time as a worker. Although Beaver loved his son he was slightly unsure of how they would work together. Beaver had a very stern take when it came to business. Customers liked knowing someone ...

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Buyers Can’t Inquire if They Don’t Know You Exist

Badger had been working on a promotional plan for weeks now. Finally he had finished and crossed all the t’s he could think of. Bringing it to the attention of his co-owner there was once huge problem – he left out the part about bringing his company to the actual public. No matter what kind of promotion he did, books, ...

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Getting Attention

Kangaroo was at a business lecture as one of the presenters. He didn’t have to give any speeches but when a group of young entrepreneurs came up to him after the day ended they had some questions for him to answer. The biggest one being what the biggest hurdle was when he was trying to start his business. For a ...

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Morning Walk, Block Facebook/Skype and Workout

Cat was always connected. She carried her phone with here anywhere she went and even during vacation time she was always checking her Facebook or Skype for anything related to her business. Over time this began to feel like more of a chore. It didn’t seem like it was benefiting her business and it was starting to wear her down. ...

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Invest in a Professional Logo

With just a few bucks in his pocket and the desire to help, Rhino was ready to start his business. He’d been building and planning on paper for years now but the thing about planning on paper was that it cost nothing. In the library he roamed over countless advice books and went online searching for answers. Finally he hit ...

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Get Involved in the Community, Listen and Focus on Health

Penguin was having a difficult time trying to balance everything at once. When things started to slip beyond her control she sat down at her desk one evening and decided to completely overhaul her work attitude and what her priorities were on. While she had once been a proud member of the community board, this had fallen by the wayside ...

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Investing in the Customer

Llama was still in school but had the idea of starting a business that she just couldn’t get rid of. In classes she would daydream about the business and decide a different models. There was only one catch – she didn’t have much money to invest in starting a business. With $100 in her pocket she went and spoke with ...

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