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Being first doesn’t matter as much as being the best does

Take your time. Being first doesn’t matter as much. Being best does. Google wasn’t the first search engine. FreshBooks wasn’t the first online invoicing service. Just staying in the game longer radically increases your chances of success. Don’t burn money. Don’t do things fast because you’re afraid of going to slow, don’t make stupid decisions because you feel rushed. – ...

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You should never invest in inventory before sales…

You should never invest in inventory before sales. – Lori Greneir

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Influencers write handwritten notes and lots of them…

Influencers write handwritten notes, and lots of them. They find reasons to write them and they send them to all sorts of people. In addition to prospects, customers, and clients, send a note to your waiter, mechanic, or any service person who takes good care of you. (via Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf featuring Adversaries Into Allies) 25 Business Tips for Entrepreneurs, Startups ...

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You’ll be stuck in the marketing minor leagues…

You’ll be stuck in the marketing minor leagues until you realize that, to know your customer, you must first create an archetypical buyer. (via Do It! Marketing) 26 Business Tips from The Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf to Support Your Business

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Seth Godin on Failing Until You Succeed

Seth Godin explains the importance of failing and how it helps you to succeed.

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