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How to Do Video Right on Social – Facebook

Post videos natively on Facebook or other social media sites. Don’t just cross link (e.g. from Youtube to Facebook. “Facebook is making a play to become a video platform and that means Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm is placing an enormous amount of weight on videos. (which translates to organic reach” This comes from a LinkedIn Slideshare Post from Gary Vaynerchuck. The ...

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Why Business Fail According to Mark Cuban

Small businesses don’t fail from lack of capital. They fail from lack of brains or lack of effort via @mcuban #business #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #markcuban #capital #failure #brain #effort #ceo #CEOs #ceoblognation A video posted by CEO Blog Nation : I am CEO (@ceoblognation) on Aug 16, 2015 at 5:48pm PDT This is a throwback video from Mark Cuban but ...

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Tips for Managing Remote Workers [FAST COMPANY]

More people are using remote workers than they ever have before. It is a different skill set required to bring on and be able to succeed with remote workers. Here’s 3 tips from a Fast Company post. Just be compassionate Check in personally–even if you can’t physically Encourage team members to interact

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How to Master Fear in Business from a Dating Coach

“Fear is an emotion associated with anticipated pain. Former Art Of Charm coach Sameem Rouhani calls it “the discomfort of uncertainty.” It’s useful because we survived as a species by avoiding pain. But social fear in all its forms typically boils down to avoiding a particular type of pain—rejection. As early humans learned, being part of the group was advantageous ...

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