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Years ago when I started this blog it was because I loved to be around entrepreneurs and business owners. It meant to talk with them, interview them and be in that environment. I was just motivated by not only talking to entrepreneurs but telling their unique stories. The stories were the foundation for Hearpreneur–the first CEO Blog Nation Blog before the idea of CEO Blog Nation was conceived.  As lonely as the entrepreneurial road can be, I felt at home and found peace in being around people that I felt were just like me.

While different, there’s something unique about being around entrepreneurs that can’t help but motivate you. I sat in a Starbucks at Howard University with one of my college classmates yesterday and his eyes lit up as he spoke about the possibilities that he saw for his business. He said he was beginning to see the endless opportunities as he made his entrepreneurial journey. He saw that while he was thinking of making a big investment, some people would say that’s “risky” and ask “what if it fails” but that’s what truly fuels the entrepreneur. That’s what makes Facebook, Tesla, Starbucks, Harpo Productions or the iPhone possible. Yes, it’s a risk but just like a running back when you see a hole, you’re supposed to hit it–fast.

This is why we are making a pivot.


Some of you know, in addition to running and managing CEO Blog Nation, I also manage a digital marketing company called Blue 16 Media. For the longest, I’ve kept the two separate other than providing hosting and server space for the website which you can see in the footer. Other than that the two have essentially been separate entities.

That’s changing. One of the realizations is how difficult it is to run a journalistic startup (i.e. Patch–where I’ve worked as a freelance writer and local advertising rep). It’s not impossible but because of the overhead it becomes more and more difficult to justify certain costs. That’s where Blue 16 Media comes in.

It’s been difficult to separate the two in terms of resources but also energy. I’m reminded of the saying “he who chases two rabbits catches none.”  I’ve come to a point where the decision to keep the two separate might ultimately result in the demise of both companies. It’s a painful but realistic situation that may occur. So, after some reflection and prayer. I’ve decided that in order to maintain both they must be combined. It may not be the only way but it’s probably the smartest way. When making this decision, I’m reminded of a quote I heard just a few days ago—work smart and not hard.

I put this quote on my phone as a wallpaper and now as I look down at it I realize that this is the smartest next step.

Some might ask what does this mean for CEO Blog Nation and CEO Media Firm. Is it dead? Will it start to decline? The short answer is No. It won’t. 

Actually, I believe it will be more alive then it ever has been. The focus, aim and mission has not and will not change. The only difference is there is now a “sponsor” that will ensure that it not only stays alive but thrives. You will see posts that include the category Blue 16 Media. In being transparent, we will tag posts that are influenced by Blue 16 Media but other than the tag, it will be the same great content we’ve always published and produced.

You will also notice advertising spots that offer a free website or digital marketing consultation. In other words, you might see the company but it won’t be anything out of the ordinary than what you would see from our regular advertisements.


Finally, you might see future changes in our branding but that’s simply to show the merging of the two companies. So, stay on the lookout for it.

Change and pivots are always difficult but when you take a step back and remember the overall mission. It makes it easier and more palatable to make these decisions.

By no means was it easy, but I think it was necessary.

Now CEO Blog Nation is Powered by Blue 16 Media.

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3 Bootstrapping Tips

These bootstrapping tips are from Danielle Tate, CEO of MissNowMrs.com and the author of the Elegant Entrepreneur:

  1. Focus on why you are bootstrapping. You will remain in control of your vision and all the decisions concerning how you grow and where you go. The important thing is to identify the steps necessary to go from idea to income, and then take those steps methodically.
  2. Be creative about your beginnings. You do not necessarily need office space or a fancy desk. Think about where Mattel, Apple, and HP began. . .all in a garage.
  3. Barter. As an entrepreneur, don’t be afraid to trade or barter for the things you need to succeed. Swap marketing advice for coding or a vacation home stay for graphic design work. You have to be scrappy and humble to self-fund a venture

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Twitter is the Land of Opportunity for Businesses

When people ask me what the best tip is for their new business, or any business for that matter, the answer often surprises them: Twitter. It is still the only open cocktail party on the internet. Twitter has always been unique in that is it truly a social network and not solely a content pushing platform.

Twitter is still a marketer’s dream come true because it allows you to initiate a relationship with your customer. When it comes to cold sales and throwing right hooks, Twitter offers a special opportunity to directly connect with the people you want to reach. At any time, you can use Twitter’s search engine to find people who are talking about topics related to your business, even if only tangentially. Unlike other platforms, it’s the only place where you can jump into a conversation unannounced without seeming like a stalker.



The Importance of Writing

Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress and CEO of Automattic runs a billion-dollar company and spoke a little about how he values writing himself but also in the employees that he hires in a piece from Inc.

Why is knowing how to write well so important at Automattic?

Skill in writing is one of the things I look for the most in hiring, because I feel that clear writing represents clear thinking, regardless of someone’s background, or whether they’re a designer or coder or whatever.

The ability to communicate effectively and clearly in written form is not only super important in a distributed company, but I think reflects well on how they approach life in general.

Part of the reason I started blogging and started working on WordPress was because I love writing.

If I can become a better writer, perhaps I can become a better thinker.



Why Your Company Must Be A Digital Company

I bring all of this up because you and your business needs to do the same. You must be a digital business. You must have a website (a mobile friendly one). You must start to build your following on social media. You must have a newsletter. You must start blogging. You must know about and implement SEO. You must network on LinkedIn.

So, again, why should you be a digital company? Because your target market is using digital.

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I Love a Paranoid Founder

When running a business, sometimes you have to be paranoid enough to believe that someone is coming to “take your lunch.” Often that might be the only difference between failure and success.


Starting a Business? Have a High Pain Threshold

This advice is from Elon Musk, founder of Tesla on starting a business. Check out the full video below.

“Starting a company is like eating glass and staring into the abyss”