Why You Should Place Your Videos on YouTube or Facebook 1st?


This 2 minute drill provides a simple and quick tip for entrepreneurs and business owners to run their business better and more efficiently. Key thing to remember from this video is that YouTube and Facebook (become more so) are both places that people search for videos and as a small business owners (really any business owner) you want to increase your likelihood of being found. The best way to do this is to post your video natively on each of these sites and then into your website. I still believe YouTube is a better option because it’s more of a search engine but that could change.

Takeaway – Place your video on YouTube & Facebook 1st and then embed it on your website, blog, other social media site, etc.

PS – If you need an example, check it out above.


14 Reasons Why SEO Is Still The Best Marketing Strategy for Local Businesses

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a way to get “free” or “organic” placement on search engines for targeted keywords. For local business, visibility is important and often business owners want to increase their visibility in order to rank for keywords that people search for on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. When potential customers search for local business like a personal trainer or a dentist or a plumber, they go to search engines like Google. With the help of our Outreach Mama, here’s 14 reasons why SEO is the the best marketing strategy for local businesses.

  1. It works
  2. It’s affordable
  3. Improves credibility
  4. Not investing en SEO can damage your rankings
  5. Mobile search is becoming more prevalent
  6. SEO doubles as a marketing research tool
  7. SEO provides massive ROI
  8. SEO is low maintenance after the first year
  9. It’s easy to outsource
  10. SEO generates consistent leads
  11. SEO makes it easy to convert those leads
  12. Improving SEO will improve User Experience
  13. SEO gives you a competitive advantage
  14. SEO is not going anywhere


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How Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Can Leverage Digital Marketing to Increase Their Visibility [AUDIO/VIDEO]

Digital marketing is all the rage. Entrepreneurs and business owners are told that they must have a website and a Facebook page, an Instagram account and don’t forget about Snapchat. They must invest in SEO and also make sure they are posting every day. But why? I speak a little about digital marketing in this 20 minute discussion for the 100 Entrepreneurs organization at Fort Belvoir in Northern Virginia. I spoke about why I started Blue 16 Media, what it means and why every company is a media company, the current state of digital marketing and how entrepreneurs and business owners can leverage digital marketing to help their business and how CEO Blog Nation (CBNation.co) is a perfect example of Blue 16 Media’s philosophy.

100 Entrepreneur’s Mission is “to provide wounded veterans and their family members with much needed information about entrepreneurship, industries, business functions and requirements, and opportunities to build their own businesses or to find a meaningful career in an industry of their choice.”

Check out the audio on the CEO Chat podcast



Powered by Blue 16 Media

Years ago when I started this blog it was because I loved to be around entrepreneurs and business owners. It meant to talk with them, interview them and be in that environment. I was just motivated by not only talking to entrepreneurs but telling their unique stories. The stories were the foundation for Hearpreneur–the first CEO Blog Nation Blog before the idea of CEO Blog Nation was conceived.  As lonely as the entrepreneurial road can be, I felt at home and found peace in being around people that I felt were just like me.

While different, there’s something unique about being around entrepreneurs that can’t help but motivate you. I sat in a Starbucks at Howard University with one of my college classmates yesterday and his eyes lit up as he spoke about the possibilities that he saw for his business. He said he was beginning to see the endless opportunities as he made his entrepreneurial journey. He saw that while he was thinking of making a big investment, some people would say that’s “risky” and ask “what if it fails” but that’s what truly fuels the entrepreneur. That’s what makes Facebook, Tesla, Starbucks, Harpo Productions or the iPhone possible. Yes, it’s a risk but just like a running back when you see a hole, you’re supposed to hit it–fast.

This is why we are making a pivot.


Some of you know, in addition to running and managing CEO Blog Nation, I also manage a digital marketing company called Blue 16 Media. For the longest, I’ve kept the two separate other than providing hosting and server space for the website which you can see in the footer. Other than that the two have essentially been separate entities.

That’s changing. One of the realizations is how difficult it is to run a journalistic startup (i.e. Patch–where I’ve worked as a freelance writer and local advertising rep). It’s not impossible but because of the overhead it becomes more and more difficult to justify certain costs. That’s where Blue 16 Media comes in.

It’s been difficult to separate the two in terms of resources but also energy. I’m reminded of the saying “he who chases two rabbits catches none.”  I’ve come to a point where the decision to keep the two separate might ultimately result in the demise of both companies. It’s a painful but realistic situation that may occur. So, after some reflection and prayer. I’ve decided that in order to maintain both they must be combined. It may not be the only way but it’s probably the smartest way. When making this decision, I’m reminded of a quote I heard just a few days ago—work smart and not hard.

I put this quote on my phone as a wallpaper and now as I look down at it I realize that this is the smartest next step.

Some might ask what does this mean for CEO Blog Nation and CEO Media Firm. Is it dead? Will it start to decline? The short answer is No. It won’t. 

Actually, I believe it will be more alive then it ever has been. The focus, aim and mission has not and will not change. The only difference is there is now a “sponsor” that will ensure that it not only stays alive but thrives. You will see posts that include the category Blue 16 Media. In being transparent, we will tag posts that are influenced by Blue 16 Media but other than the tag, it will be the same great content we’ve always published and produced.

You will also notice advertising spots that offer a free website or digital marketing consultation. In other words, you might see the company but it won’t be anything out of the ordinary than what you would see from our regular advertisements.


Finally, you might see future changes in our branding but that’s simply to show the merging of the two companies. So, stay on the lookout for it.

Change and pivots are always difficult but when you take a step back and remember the overall mission. It makes it easier and more palatable to make these decisions.

By no means was it easy, but I think it was necessary.

Now CEO Blog Nation is Powered by Blue 16 Media.

Originally Posted: Powered by Blue 16 Media.


Blue 16 Media on the Radio

Gresham Harkless from Blue 16 Media was featured with other panelist on Radio One. The show aired on WOL 1450 AM on Sunday and will re-air on Sunday, October 5, 2014 at 6 am on 93.9 WKYS. On the show, Gresham along with other panelist discussed important issues small business owners faced including time management, marketing and branding.