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Make Service Easier to Retain Customers

The key to mitigating disloyalty is reducing customer effort. Companies should focus on making service easier, not more delightful, by reducing the amount of work required by customers to get their issues resolved. This includes avoiding their having to repeat information, having to repeatedly contact the customer, switch channels, being transferred, and being treated in a generic manner. (The Effortless ...

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Good Service is What People Buy

Moth had hit a bit of a snag with her business. It seemed like it was slower than usual and she just didn’t understand why. For years her business had been at the top of its game and now things were at an impasse. Maybe she had gotten lax on her customer skills being behind the desk all day. Maybe ...

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With Advocacy and Credibility

Reindeer was speaking with a customer when she heard the customer say something that struck her. The customer had been asking whether or not her company did any sort of charity work. Reindeer did charity outside of work but she had never considered making it an event inside of her business. Instead of beating around the bush she asked the ...

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Positive Online Reviews of Your Products or Service

The online world of customer reviews and disapproval was something Pig hadn’t really considered as far as his business went. He didn’t have any negative reviews at the moment but he didn’t have a lot to go on. People just weren’t writing anything. When one of his co-owners suggested maybe they should focus on getting some reviews online he decided ...

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By Providing a Referral

Rabbit knew the best thing she could do for her business was to get a customer to give a referral. The moment a great customer gave their approval to a friend or a co-worker she knew that it most likely would generate more business. So all her efforts were put towards generating some good referrals and creating an incentive program ...

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Make an Effort to Target Young Adults

Bear had a product that usually appealed to an older audience. Knowing there was an entire market share he was missing, Bear decided to put some steps into action. He hired a younger designer to give his website a few extra perks that may appeal to a younger crowd. One of his friends helped him create an app for phones ...

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Know Your Customers as Deeply as Possible

Giraffe has been reading up at his local library about what it meant to be a good, bold leader. Each book he went through had a similar theme to it – customers. Keeping customers happy was the lifeblood of any good business. Having only been in business for a few months, Giraffe had done well with his customers so far ...

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Find Something Useful and Trendy

Hippo loved the prospect of giving her business a little extra boost by showering some of her clients with some free goodies. There were so many items to choose from in the book that she wasn’t exactly sure which item would be the best for her and the most exciting for her clients. In the end she decided to go ...

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Be Honest About Your Skills

For Owl there were times when he had suspected some of his competitors fluffed up their skills a little bit when speaking with potential customers. They made everything seem a lot better than it actually was. Own didn’t see this as very honest and ethical for any clients coming his way so even if it made some clients run to ...

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Being Able to Help People

Time and time again Bull forgot that he was doing business when meeting with customers. They were like old friends of his, chatting and talking well into the evening. Of course, each meeting was business but each meeting left him feeling glad he was in this sort of business. At night when there was stacks of paperwork to go over ...

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