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Impacting Change

Sloth had been sitting with the co-owner of his business and discussing some financial matters of the day. Each meeting they had his co-owner would list all the things they needed to do better and at the end he would celebrate one of the things they were doing correctly. This meeting his co-owner assured Sloth that for all the hard ...

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Don’t Lie

It was simple. All his life Panda has been taught the basic principles of how to be a good person. His father had impressed upon him the valuable rule of never telling a lie. So when Panda started his own company it seemed like a pretty basic rule – don’t lie to customers or your employees. From day one of ...

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Creating a Platform

Elephant was interviewing some new employees before placing them on the schedule. He liked a lot of what they brought to the table and complimented each of them on their successes. One of the greatest joys of being the CEO of his company was the fact that he knew he could give these young workers a leg up when it ...

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Ethical Corporate Culture

Cow had one priority for his company. Typing up a memo to everyone he made one declaration for how he wanted his business model to be and if people weren’t interested in it, they could leave. His most important rule was to build an ethical company culture. He wanted his business and himself to be at the front line of ...

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Think and Act with Optimism

Hedgehog was interviewing someone for a position at his company. Once the interview was over he was asked what the hardest thing about being a leader was in his opinion. Hedgehog thought for a few minutes and then replied, “The hardest part is staying optimistic when everything else is going wrong. You have issues with your products, your workers are ...

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A Mission Statement

Lion had built his business up to the point where he was satisfied with the plan and was ready to get things rolling. The only problem he could see was a main goal. All his other friends who had started their own businesses had what they called a mission statement for their business. It listed the values he had as ...

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Know and Have a Good Sense of One’s Self-worth

Turtle wanted to make a good impression on his new staff. He knew he was at the top of his game and that he had a lot more experience than most of the workers he led. Instead of tooting his own horn and acting as though he were the best in the industry, he took a much different approach. He ...

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A Great Name

Dog sat in his kitchen at the table with a sheet of paper and several random words written on the page. He knew that if he didn’t find the perfect word it would hurt him in the long run. The entire evening he had his laptop in hand looking over the dictionary. Finally he started to mash words together in ...

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Read/Understand Own Emotions

Panther was new to the realm of leading a business. He’d been in leadership positions before, but he was never the true leader of any group. Now that he had the title he knew that he needed to brush up on how he behaved. Instead of sticking his head in the sand and letting other people take care of issues ...

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Having a Mentor

Camel had been working at dead end jobs for years now. His true passion was creating products instead of simply making them from some book. Suddenly one evening he realized that he needed to make a new start. One that didn’t involve him following by another set of rules someone else had laid out for him. He had the ideas, ...

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