Don’t Buy Fancy Equipment

Whale had been looking over some glossy new office supply magazines sent to his business. Each page was full of beautiful new supplies which, he thought, would make his company much more of a success in terms of how it looked. His business was new and he had been bootstrapping since the opening day. And although all the beautiful new items would look fantastic in the office…deep down he knew it would be a waste of funds that could be better spend on customers or his products.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “What Are Your Best Tips for Bootstrapping?


Make Sure You Have Compatible Personalities

Beaver had been working with his soon for several months now. It was an internship with his son, but he wanted to bring him on full time as a worker. Although Beaver loved his son he was slightly unsure of how they would work together. Beaver had a very stern take when it came to business. Customers liked knowing someone was in charge and things were getting done. His on the other hand liked to let customers know that he was his friend and move at a slower pace with them. So before Beaver hired his son he had to make sure their personalities matched up when it came to working together or it would likely lead to trouble.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Tips on How to Succeed When Working with Your Grown-up Kids


Buyers Can’t Inquire if They Don’t Know You Exist

Badger had been working on a promotional plan for weeks now. Finally he had finished and crossed all the t’s he could think of. Bringing it to the attention of his co-owner there was once huge problem – he left out the part about bringing his company to the actual public. No matter what kind of promotion he did, books, magazines or television ad’s, if the buyers had no clue what his business was about or even what it was they surely weren’t going to buy from him just because they saw him on television!

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “The Importance of Well-Executed Promotion


Getting Attention

Kangaroo was at a business lecture as one of the presenters. He didn’t have to give any speeches but when a group of young entrepreneurs came up to him after the day ended they had some questions for him to answer. The biggest one being what the biggest hurdle was when he was trying to start his business. For a few moments he thought back on the beginning of his business and all the muck he had to plow through to get to the state he was at today with his business. Finally he decided on the most prominent one – getting noticed. “It was hard to get noticed in a sea of startups,” he said with a nod, “They all want one thing – a good product at a fair price. Anyone can do that if they want to. But it takes doing that and more to get noticed. You claw and fight and climb you way to the top through unique design, innovation and doing what the other people can’t or won’t.”

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “What Was Your Biggest Hurdle When Starting Your Business?


Morning Walk, Block Facebook/Skype and Workout

Cat was always connected. She carried her phone with here anywhere she went and even during vacation time she was always checking her Facebook or Skype for anything related to her business. Over time this began to feel like more of a chore. It didn’t seem like it was benefiting her business and it was starting to wear her down. Finally she had had enough and decided that if wanted to maintain her sanity and keep things manageable that she needed to take a step back from Facebook, relax and enjoy her mornings and maybe even get in a little jogging time to help her keep a balanced lifestyle.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Explain How They Maintain Balance


Invest in a Professional Logo

With just a few bucks in his pocket and the desire to help, Rhino was ready to start his business. He’d been building and planning on paper for years now but the thing about planning on paper was that it cost nothing. In the library he roamed over countless advice books and went online searching for answers. Finally he hit upon one main theme. If he wanted a successful business he had to make it look good from the outside in. So the money he had saved in his pocket went straight to the one thing he would be known for – his logo. He had a designer create a beautiful, unique logo which in turn ended up attracting customers.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Starting a Business for Under $100


Make a Prototype

Gecko was getting into the swing of those whole business concept. He had never been much of a businessperson, but he was an inventor. He spent hours in his basement thinking up products and sketching them out on paper without really putting them into actual production. Once evening he hit upon his best product yet. He ran to his basement and began to sketch out the idea. The entire evening was spent drawing and shaping the product. He wrote guidelines and jargon, rules and instructions. At the end of his planning he realized this could actually work. Calling up an actual businessman he knew for a hint on what to do next his friend told him plainly to actual build a prototype. If Gecko couldn’t build anything he needed to hire someone that could. A product, even if it was amazing on paper, wouldn’t ever sell by that alone.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Business-Savvy Steps for Turning Your Idea Into a Product


Good Service is What People Buy

Moth had hit a bit of a snag with her business. It seemed like it was slower than usual and she just didn’t understand why. For years her business had been at the top of its game and now things were at an impasse. Maybe she had gotten lax on her customer skills being behind the desk all day. Maybe her employees didn’t really have their hearts in the product anymore now that it had been a success for so long there wasn’t anything to try for. Sitting down with her supervisors she discussed all the issues with her business and found out what the issue was – customer service. It all stemmed from that. If the customers weren’t happy with the service, they wouldn’t be happy with the product.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Are You Offering What People Are Buying?


Survey Your Customers – Literally

Falcon had been thinking of new ideas to get a sense of how customers were reacting to her brand and business as a whole. In the past she would call around to customers and ask for their opinion but most of the time they didn’t answer or were confused by why she would be calling them in the first place. Finally she gave up the cold calling and decided to take a more timeless approach – surveys. When customers came into her store they were given survey cards to fill out. At the end of their shopping trip they could get a certain percent off their purchase if they filled it our completely and to the best of their ability. It was a sneaky way to see how they truly felt but it not only benefited her as a business owner but her customers as well.

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Design is the Silver Bullet

Panther was a young entrepreneur so she had a leg up when it came to branding her business. She knew one thing that the older generation might not have been aware of when it came to business – style. Younger customers wanted to buy from a company that was fashionable and edgy. Being proud to put the logo on their car or wall was a major bonus. So Panther always made sure her logo was hip and her brand’s outward projection was cutting edge. This along, as well as a good project, left her with a steady stream of young clients.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Hearpreneur Post “Tips on Attracting a Younger Audience to Your Business