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Take a Break

Rhino was in the business of overworking himself. There wasn’t a time during the day that he either wasn’t working, having meetings or generally thinking about something related to work. And by the end of each month he was completely and utterly exhausted. Finally when he wife visited him for lunch and heard him talking nonstop about his business she ...

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Learn From Professional Athletes

Turtle had been trying to find out some activities to help with his work stress. Nothing seemed to work for him until he visited his friend Hare, a true athlete. Hare had a lot of different techniques he used which, in turn, he taught Turtle. After this Turtle was less stressed and feeling healthier! Lesson: This lesson is inspired by ...

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Everyone Needs a Break

The Lamb was exhausted. She didn’t think taking breaks was worth it and continued working even when she was much too tired. Sparrow told her that taking breaks could be beneficial; it could get her mind focused and reduce stress. Lamb began taking breaks and found she worked much better after a short rest! Lesson: This lesson is inspired by ...

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