Treat Every Customer with a Smile

Crocodile always looked a little grumpy – Chipmunk said it was just his face. “Try and smile at every customer no matter how glum you feel that day. Even if you’re just pretending, it will soon turn real!” It was good advice, Crocodile thought. Soon enough Crocodile was grinning all the time and his customers noticed.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Winning at Customer Service – Entrepreneurs Give Tips on Serving Customers the Right Way”


Having Me-Time and Not Being Connected 24/7

Skunk was always connected. He had a phone by his side, email, texting, and took calls whenever the phone rang. Everyone knew they could always reach him anytime they needed to. Because of this, Skunk’s stress level was overwhelming. Finally he came to realize that he needed some me-time and to not answer the phone constantly. There was a time and place for work, and there was also a time to stop and smell the roses.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Hearpreneur Post: “Relieving the Daily Stress of Being an Entrepreneur or Business Owner”


You Need to Be Authentic

Some customers were unsure if Chameleon could be trusted as a reliable connection online. He was always changing how he treated one person from another in order to satisfy all customers. Iguana told him the key to networking online was to always be authentic. From then on Chameleon decided to stay true to his colors while making connections online.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Give Tips on How to Effectively Network Online”


Having a Diverse and Enthusiastic Team

Iguana began gathering his team. First he hired Bear, then Boar, and finally Panda. His group was diverse and each had their opinion on a subject. More than this, each member was open to hearing out the opinion of another. Each meeting Iguana left with a new idea about his business and a thankfulness for having such a diverse team.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by Rescue a CEO Post “The Favorite Business Resources Range from Blank Paper to Consultants, Chosen by Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


Share the love

The Chameleon was always frustrated because he was never recognized as the “Employee of the Month.” It was always the Bee that received the awards and accolades. Finally, in the weekly monthly meeting he finally asked, “Why is the Bee the only one to ever get the ‘Employee of the Month’ award?”

Lesson: This lesson is from the Rescue a CEO post How NOT to Motivate Your Employees. “A good employee motivation strategy inspires and engages all of your employees, not just the top performers. Consequently, this can make “Employee of the Month” competitions divisive for your work force. Instead of motivating employees with a competition that only rewards and recognizes one person each month, try to spread the recognition with smaller, more frequent awards. Whenever one of your employees has a good day, write them a personal email or give them a small bonus like a gift card. This will make it easier to keep your entire staff engaged and on-track.”

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Practice what you preach

The Chameleon was the model employee. Everything his owner did, he would follow. However, his boss would often be infuriated at everything that the Chameleon did and yell and berate him. One day the Chameleon finally said after angering his boss, “I’m just following your lead and doing what you do.”

Lesson: This lesson is from the Rescue a CEO post “How NOT to Motivate Your Employees.” For leaders and managers one of the most important lessons is that employees follow their leadership. If leadership is lazy, disorganized or doesn’t set good examples then employees and staff will follow that lead. Set the example you wish your employees to follow.

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Offer Employees Feedback

The Chameleon followed everything that the leadership did and while he was always an average sales rep he never heard from his boss things that he could do better. Every day at lunch he would tell his co-workers, “I just wish I knew where I stood and what I could improve upon so that I can do better. I thought that was part of being a leader, telling us how we were doing and how we can improve.”

Lesson: This lesson is from the Rescue a CEO post “How NOT to Motivate Your Employees.” For leaders and managers one of the most important lessons is to offer you employees feedback. Understand what their goals are and help them to reach their goals. Also, make sure that you offer constant feedback so that employees know “where they stand.”

Image courtesy of africa / FreeDigitalPhotos.net