Twitter Ettiquete – Using @

This tip will help you get the most out of Twitter. Remember if that you start your tweet with an @, it won’t go to your feed. It’s like speaking to someone one on one at a networking event. ONLY you and the person beside you within earshot (or those who follow the same handle) will hear or see the tweet. When you put a character, even as small as a “.” before your @, it goes to everyone who follow you.


Extra Credit: A direct message is like whispering to someone at a network event.

Extra, extra credit (image via Gary Vaynerchuk):


Good Online Marketing Requires Audience Awareness

Like great boxers, great storytellers are observant and self-aware. A great storyteller is keenly attuned to his audience; he knows when to slow down for maximum suspense and when to speed up for comic effect…. Online marketing requires the same kind of audience awareness, which we can achieve thanks to the tremendous data mining opportunities at our fingertips. The real-time feedback that social media makes possible allows brands and businesses to test and retest, which scientific precision, what content connects with their audience, and what leave them cold. via  Gary Varynerchuk author of Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Source: http://teach.ceoblognation.com/2014/01/07/tips-entrepreneurs-startups-business-owners-entrepreneurs-bookshelf/



Survey Your Customers – Literally

Falcon had been thinking of new ideas to get a sense of how customers were reacting to her brand and business as a whole. In the past she would call around to customers and ask for their opinion but most of the time they didn’t answer or were confused by why she would be calling them in the first place. Finally she gave up the cold calling and decided to take a more timeless approach – surveys. When customers came into her store they were given survey cards to fill out. At the end of their shopping trip they could get a certain percent off their purchase if they filled it our completely and to the best of their ability. It was a sneaky way to see how they truly felt but it not only benefited her as a business owner but her customers as well.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Hearpreneur Post “Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice


Keep Them Wanting More

Lion might not have been young himself but lucky for him he had three kids. He knew exactly the steps he needed to take when trying to attract their attention. At home, if he gave them everything they wanted all at once they would get bored easily and run out of things to do. But if he teased them with hints of what was to come, he could keep them on their toes and looking forward to the next surprise. This was the same thought he brought to his business and to attracting a younger audience. If he kept his young customers expectant and excited they would continue to return.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Hearpreneur Post “Tips on Attracting a Younger Audience to Your Business


Pay Special Attention to Social Media

Wasp was a little old-fashioned and comfortable with his business. His staff members were young and getting even younger as the years went by. Finally it occurred to Wasp that perhaps he should look into trying to capitalize on the growing market of tech-savvy young people with money to spend. He went to his young staff members and asked if they might have some suggestions for him to start with. Each one said that social media was the way to go. So from then on Wasp involved himself in the task of learning all there was to learn about social media and how it could attract a younger audience to his brand.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Tips on Attracting a Younger Audience to Your Business


Your Reputation is Everything

Canary had taken the reins of a business over when the owner made a move that wasn’t in the best interest of customers. There was a team to help her recover but she soon realized the most important part of the business was not what she expected. It wasn’t the product or the procedure necessarily…it was the reputation. Customers would not come to a company with a shoddy reputation for treating clients like disposable income. It took several months to get things back on track with the business and Canary, for most of those months, put her sole focus on setting their reputation back on track.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Hearpreneur Post “What is Your Best Business Advice? Week of July 7th


Infuse Your Personality

Goat has a very outgoing personality. He had always been the life of the party when he would go out with his friends. To his employees, well, he was an even bigger ham with them. Time and time again his employees told him he needed to play that up and make it part of his brand. While the product he sold was rather serious he figured maybe it wouldn’t be a terrible idea for him to do so. The next month he had some funny posters printed up and a media ad ran showing off his unique and silly personality while promoting the company. After that his customers seemed to feel more comfortable doing business with him and it also branded him as a relaxed business owner to do business with.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Hearpreneur Post “Ways to Put a Fun Spin on Branding Your Business



Creative Internal Branding Exercises

Talking to friends one morning Lamb was discussing how he could put a fun spin on branding his business. Were there certain ways of doing so that he had completely overlooked? Steer gave a little shrug before sipping from his mug, “Maybe you could start from the inside out?” To Lamb this seemed like a reasonable idea. If he had some sort of branding event inside to get his employees motivated then it would give a stronger presentation to the outside world.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Hearpreneur Post “Ways to Put a Fun Spin on Branding Your Business




If You’re Not Prepared to Wait and Learn, Hire an Expert

Owl was ready to get his branding in gear. He had been to the library reading up about how to best brand a business. There were articles pinned to the walls of his office and books piled on the desk. There was little doubt in his mind that he could brand his business in such a smooth, quick way that his competition would be blown away. Sadly for Owl, his enthusiasm did not couple with patience. When things weren’t moving fast enough for his liking, Owl grew upset. He felt all this waiting around was causing him more money and more pain. One evening he finally decided that he could be patient no more with the branding and hired a professional to help create a business brand for his company. Now instead of wasting his small patience on branding he could focus his effort on other areas.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “To Hire or Not to Hire – Should You Bring a Branding Professional Aboard?


Start With Your Online Presence

Turtle absolutely loved his website…when he first started his business. Over time his online presence had begun to show some wear and tear around the edges. There were a lot more modern sites out there and it was getting harder to compete with the online side of things. Finally after some advice from a fellow entrepreneur, Turtle hired a consultant to take a look at his presence online and guide him where it needed to go. After this his online presence and website was on par with the rest.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Business Owners Share Ideas for Giving Your Brand a Makeover