How Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Can Leverage Digital Marketing to Increase Their Visibility [AUDIO/VIDEO]

Digital marketing is all the rage. Entrepreneurs and business owners are told that they must have a website and a Facebook page, an Instagram account and don’t forget about Snapchat. They must invest in SEO and also make sure they are posting every day. But why? I speak a little about digital marketing in this 20 minute discussion for the 100 Entrepreneurs organization at Fort Belvoir in Northern Virginia. I spoke about why I started Blue 16 Media, what it means and why every company is a media company, the current state of digital marketing and how entrepreneurs and business owners can leverage digital marketing to help their business and how CEO Blog Nation (CBNation.co) is a perfect example of Blue 16 Media’s philosophy.

100 Entrepreneur’s Mission is “to provide wounded veterans and their family members with much needed information about entrepreneurship, industries, business functions and requirements, and opportunities to build their own businesses or to find a meaningful career in an industry of their choice.”

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Bet on your Strengths

Betting on strengths might be the most underrated strategy in modern business. I’m serious. We have an obsession with improvement. We spend time trying to correct weaknesses, when we could be just paying attention to the strengths. Why? Again, I’m talking about a strictly business scenario, because weaknesses in personal and family life should be given attention and care. But in the office, at work, on your team: focus on the strengths.

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By Providing a Referral

Rabbit knew the best thing she could do for her business was to get a customer to give a referral. The moment a great customer gave their approval to a friend or a co-worker she knew that it most likely would generate more business. So all her efforts were put towards generating some good referrals and creating an incentive program for those customers, and Lamb saw a great rise in her business from that moment on.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Tips on Getting a Hand from Customers to Promote Your Brand



Do Something Different – Really Different

Fox was in his den when a sudden thought came to him. It was a bolt of lightning in the form of a new product. His business unfortunately had just released a new product to the public and people were thoroughly enjoyed it. This new product would be a companion to the other. So instead of telling his staff about it, he went home each night and worked until it was completed. Inviting all his clients and staff to a meeting he unveiled the new product to everyone just a few weeks after the first product. It was a huge surprise and a huge hit with everyone. Doing something different kept everyone on their toes.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Hearpreneur Post “Business Owners Share Tips on How to Keep Your Business From Becoming Stale


Continually Innovate

Kangaroo had been sailing along with her business for a few years now. The business had its highs and lows, much like any good business had in its lifetime, but now Kangaroo had begun to worry her business was becoming sluggish and stale. Instead of hopping away from all her problems, Kangaroo met them head on and decided some innovation was in store for her little business. Because if her company was always changing it could never really be stale.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Business Owners Share Tips on How to Keep Your Business From Becoming Stale


Rebel by Truly Being Yourself

Koala was sometimes shy in his business practices. Time and time again he said something other people thought was odd or out of place in their business world. Finally he decided if he had his own business, his quirky thinking and creativity could be free to live and thrive. Quitting his job and starting his own company gave him all the freedom he yearned for all those years. He hired employees who not only liked his quirks but encouraged him to let them in on all his wacky ideas. Truly being himself was what really mattered in the end.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Rebel in the Workplace – Entrepreneurs Share How They Buck the Norm


Give Them Exactly What They Don’t Expect

Owl was never the most outspoken of her company. She was incredibly proud of her work and most of the time when she submitted a project her supervisors were extremely impressed. After a few months she wanted to be a little more known in order to get a promotion in the future. Her coworkers always thought she was quiet and probably wouldn’t ever try and move up, but after a long talk with her friend, Eagle, she decided in order to make herself known she had to stand out. Instead of being shy at meetings she spoke up and took credit for her work, managed small meetings and assisted executives. In other words, she did what nobody expected her to do and it paid off with a nice promotion in the end.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Hearpreneur Post “Best Methods for Women to Assert Themselves in the World of Business


Don’t Be Afraid to Be Smart

Dog was timid in her business position and felt as though she needed to be more assertive. Her friends and co-workers gave her advice, but she wasn’t sure if it was the correct to follow since she worked in a male dominated field. Dog knew she was quite smart and had the ability to do her job very well, maybe even better than most. Once she realized she could be smart and not feel bad about outdoing the men in her field she found that being assertive was easier than she thought!

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Hearpreneur Post “How Women Can Assert Themselves in Business


Schedule Some Time to Play

Turkey was exhausted from everything he had been doing for his business lately. It seemed that with each passing day his energy was draining and he couldn’t quite get enough rest at night. All in all he knew the stress was going to win out if he didn’t do something soon. Weasel sent Turkey around an invitation one day to meet him in the park. Once Turkey met him at the park, Weasel told him a much needed message, “Every week you need to plan a time to come here and walk around. You can’t always be working!” From then on our Turkey made time each week to walk around the lake or just enjoy nature.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Relaxed Entrepreneurs


Giving Back to Employees

Snail wanted to do something special for her employees. Day in and day out they seemed to work harder and harder to make her business the best it could be. She had thought of doing some sort of trip earlier or a nice company picnic outside during the regular workday, or even treats during work. All of these were amazing opportunities to show her employees just how much they meant to her. Giving back to them would also give Snail just the boost in speed the needed.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “How Do You Motivate Employees?