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The Importance of Sales & Paranoia in Business

I like to get in business with people that have a sense of paranoia.

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Don’t Be Fake

Parrot was not so great in the sales department. More often than not when he went on a sales call he made things all the worse by trying to pretend he was much better at sales than he actually was. The clients could always tell he was faking and were uneasy to do business with him after this. Speaking with ...

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Competitors Can be the Best Source for Referrals

Butterfly was worried when another business like his moved in right down the road from his. They had a lot of the same products and the owners seemed very kind! Bird suggested that instead of worrying he went down to meet and speak with them. The advice was taken and soon Butterfly and the new business owners had a deal ...

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Remember to Have Patience

A big sale was coming up and Cat had done it all before. He’d closed the big sale and always liked to have things two or three weeks ahead of schedule. There was too much to do and wasting time when a sale could be done sooner. Parakeet told Cat he needed to slow down and have patience, not try ...

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Avert Stage Fright in a Sale

Possum was nervous. He had a big sale coming up and he knew it was important to remain calm and try his best. And as much as he wanted to curl up in a ball and pretend the sale had already been made, playing possum wouldn’t help him now. Instead he averted his stage fright, remained confident and closed the ...

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Keeping Simple with Sales

Tiger had tried several tactics for sales. Making a big presentation full of facts and figures left him feeling distanced from the potential client. A big scene was not his style and soon he realized keeping it simple was key. It would keep him on the clients level and giving the facts in plain form would not confuse anyone. From ...

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Sales Requires Passion

Squirrel was impressed by Panda and his pitch. Panda had passion for his product, bamboo flooring, and knew it all. He told Squirrel prices and described the ease of cleaning, how long it typically lasted in a nest and even tips for repairing any scratches. Panda no doubt loved his product, which was what Squirrel was more impressed with than ...

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Think win-win in business

In his weekly business podcast the Owl said that all salespersons and entrepreneurs should think win-win when it comes to business and relationships. Try to focus on “mutually beneficial relationships.” Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO post “Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Divulge Their Best Sales Tips – Even Without the Secret Password”.

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Little Bessie learns the importance of listening

The Owl sat down with his favorite client, Little Bessie. She was the best business owner in the county and she was a true rags to riches story. Like most greats she would continue to meet weekly with the Owl since she began her business and go over a different business lesson. “Today” said the Owl “it’s about listening. To ...

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In Business Find Your Balance Between Big “Fish” & Little “Fish

The country mouse saw his old friend the city mouse while shopping downtown. He insisted the city mouse join him and his family for dinner. The city mouse accepted the invitation and they headed to the country. The city mouse took a look at the table and shook his head at the small amounts of food served. He decided to ...

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