Creating an Experience Around a Boring Service

Aware his line of work wasn’t the most exciting, Pig had been feeling rather down about it all. Next door there was a cute shop with lots of great gifts and funny products that he knew people went crazy for. When his customers came to him it wasn’t exactly a big party. So one night he decided to change that. The next day he got some funny posters, set out a great array of food and made fun of his line of work to put the customers at ease and in high spirits. Now he was just as fun as the shop next door while still providing the same service he had before.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice


No Brick and Mortar for Us

Falcon was happy with how her business was run. While everyone else in the village woke up and went to their perspective places of business, she remained at home and simply walked into her office. For her company there was no building. Each employee worked from home or on the go – whichever they preferred. Falcon knew very well this was not the norm but being able to have a flexible life and enjoy doing her work while at home was truly thinking outside the box.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Business Owners Reveal How They Think Outside the Box in Business


Being Able to Write and Speak From a Position of Authority

Badger had been trying to read the blogs and catch up on the next big thing in social media. She already used several of the sites already, but she knew something else was afoot. People were starting to ask her opinion on topics and her searches revealed questions asked about topics she excelled in. Knowing full well that answering these questions might help her get a foot up, Badger jumped on board the next wave of social media and began giving her expert advice to those asking for it.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Entrepreneurs Help Us Stay Ahead of the Wave By Predicting the Next Big Thing in Social Media


The Future is Mobile

The Bear sat down with his family to have dinner one night. Throughout dinner he heard the buzzing of phones on vibrate and the ringing of phones. While he tried to ignore the interruptions and have a nice conversation with his family, after he looked up from his dinner and saw his entire family glued to their phones he finally growled “That’s it! No more cell phones at the table”

His oldest cub said, “But dad, I was just buying your birthday present.”

His youngest cub said, “Yea and I was just updating my status.”

His wife said, “I understand, but I was just watching my favorite TV show while you watch the news.”

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Lesson: Customers are increasingly using their mobile devices to communicate, purchase products, search for reviews, find deals, compare prices, surf the web, watch videos, read e-mails, update statuses, shoot videos and pictures and so much more. Because customers are on their mobile devices and connected all the time, it is a good way to reach potential customers and clients.

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