Layer Your Marketing Plan

One morning the Bear and his friend Penguin were getting ready for the long day ahead. Bear had fixed his plate of food with everything from breakfast to dinner foods. Each was layered on top of the other. Penguin looked to Bear in curiosity, “Why are you stacking all that food, Bear?” In turn Bear smiled, “I’m layering to cover all the bases.”

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Experienced Marketing Warriors and Entrepreneurs Give Tips on How They Make a Dent.”


Decide if you want a business partner or an employeee

In one of the weekly business consultations the Bear scheduled with the Owl, the Bear said “I’m not sure if I should partner with the Lion. He’s a close friend, but I’m just not sure if he’s as committed as I am.” The Bear listened intently and said, “you have to make the decision of whether you want a business partner or an employee. If you are questioning whether your co-founder is going to match your work ethic, but you know he can do well with your finances or sales then maybe you are seeking more of an employee.”

Lesson: This tip is from the guest post “7 Tips on How to Find a Co-Founder for your Venture” by Stephany Zoo of the BUNDSHOP.COM. “On one hand, through the couple of businesses I have helped cofound, I know I could never have done it on my own, as my business partners inspire and motivate me even in the darkest of days.  On the other hand, you will be likely to spend more than 9-5 with this person, as well as splitting your equity and trusting them with your vision.  That is putting a lot of faith into someone else!”

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Don’t Attack Bad Customer Feedback

A Bear walking through the woods happened upon a nest of bees that had just made some honey. Hungry as he was, he was determined to take a little honey for himself. One small bee saw what the Bear was about to do and stung the Bear hoping to deter him away from the nest.

The Bear immediately was enraged and decided to destroy the nest of bees after the tiny sting. The entire swarm saw what the Bear was about to do and rose together to attack the bear at once. As the continued to sting the bear all over, the bear’s only chance to get away was to dive into a nearby pond.

Lesson: Often customers may provide bad feedback for a product or service that was provided by your company. While this can often be infuriating, biting back can be worse. When you attack a customer, whether their opinion was right or wrong, it only makes you look bad. Other customers may see this and respond negatively to your business even if the customer was wrong. This can hurt your business in the long run and force you to lose many more customers.

When hit with negative feedback from a customer, the best way to handle it is to be humbled by it. Take the criticism and think about how you can improve their experience the next time. This will not only save face in the other customer’s eyes but also may gain more business from the first customer who was unhappy. When you react to negative responses, you may get more negativity swarming your business. Instead silence can often be powerful. The customer who continues to be negative will not be slowed down with more anger towards them. Be kind, quiet, and allow other customers to see your professionalism through others criticism.

This post is from a contributing writer to CEO Blog Nation. 

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