Influencers write handwritten notes and lots of them…

Influencers write handwritten notes, and lots of them. They find reasons to write them and they send them to all sorts of people. In addition to prospects, customers, and clients, send a note to your waiter, mechanic, or any service person who takes good care of you. (via Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf featuring Adversaries Into Allies)

25 Business Tips for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Business Owners [Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf]


“One of the things he Mark Zuckerburg told…

“One of the things he [Mark Zuckerburg] told me was that my desire to be liked by everyone would hold me back. He said that when you want to change things, you can’t please everyone. If you do please everyone, you aren’t making enough progress.”

Sheryl Sandberg, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lean-In-Women-Work-Will/dp/0753541629/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1367434260&sr=8-1&keywords=lean+in


You Need A Business Model

“He’s just a hustler” said the Bear. As he watched Fox move from venture to venture with no idea how to make money. As he pulled his cubs aside, he said, “I’ve been in business for years and you have to understand that when you’re in business one of the most vital things to take into account is the business model. That’s why Fox is bouncing around from venture to venture. He hasn’t though about how he should make money.” His children nodded while they listened. He continued, “if you don’t or aren’t making money, you’re not in business.”

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Lesson: Pay attention to your business model. Business Model Generation defines the business model shows “the logic of how a company intends to make money.” It “describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value.” Business Model Generation describes it through nine basic building blocks that these areas of business: customers, offer, infrastructure and financial viability. “The business model is like a blueprint for a strategy to be implemented through organizational structures, processes, and systems. 

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