In Business & in Life Be Yourself

One day, an Ox was passing by and a frog happened to see it. The Ox carried himself well and trotted along as if not a care in the world. The frog was envious of the Ox and decided he too wanted to be big like the ox. The frog decided maybe it was possible to puff himself up like the Ox. Then, he could gain the respect as the Ox did. The frog’s friends tried to tell him it was not a good idea but the frog insisted. The frog began puffing himself up in hopes to gain more stature. He asked, do I look big like the Ox? His friends replied no, so the frog kept puffing himself up. Shrugging off all warnings from his friends, the frog puffed himself up so much, he burst.

While there are many oxen in life that seem grander and bigger than us, we have talents that make others just as envious. By focusing on our own talents, we can become just as grand in our own rights. The oxen in our lives have already established their demeanor. You can spend time trying to be just like them which only hurts us in the long run. You can also focus on what you do know and strengthen your own talents.

Lesson: Trying to be someone you are not is just wasted time. Others see this and get the impression we are fake. It is important that you always be true to yourself and establishes your identity based on your own qualities. When others see how great you are, they too will be jealous of what you have. You will be more successful in life and business when you focus on improving yourself and honing the skills you already have. Even frogs are great to have around for killing those pesky insects.

Image courtesy of Naypong / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


If you have customers, you’re in business

The Owl would consult all his fellow business owners on different business decisions and actions. He was often asked by his clients, “How do I know if I’m in business?” and he would respond the same way. “If you have customers or clients that are paying you for your products and services then you are in business. It’s that simple.”

Lesson: Often it is asked when does a business become a business and not a hobby. It’s simple, when you have customers and are paid for your products and services then you are in business.

Image courtesy of bandrat / FreeDigitalPhotos.net