Incorporate when you have a name, mission, and vision for your business

Mouse decided she needed to incorporate her business. She had heard people tell her to incorporate as soon as possible to keep her business safe. After figuring out the perfect name, the mission of business and what vision she had for the future, Mouse was able to incorporate her business without a problem.

Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Rescue a CEO Post “Tips for the When’s and How’s of Incorporating Your Business


Incorporate your business right away

The first time that the Owl meets with business owners he always asks the same thing, “Did you incorporate?” The Owl knew that he wanted each of his clients to truly be in business and that means protection that only incorporation could provide.

Lesson: This tips is from Elle Kaplan on the post Tips for the When’s and How’s of Incorporating Your Business.



Image courtesy of bandrat / FreeDigitalPhotos.net