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When Dealing With Negative Feedback: Apologize

Lion hated to apologize for what he thought was another person’s fault. It just wasn’t in his nature to apologize to anyone. Though he knew for the sake of his business he needed to do something. Swallowing his pride, Lion went out to apologize for the mistake made. Lesson: This lesson is inspired by the Hearpreneur post “Tips for Dealing ...

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Social Media can help your business grow

“I don’t tweet and I don’t have any friends on Facebook. That stuff is a waste of time. I’m trying to run a business” roared the Lion. “While all that might be true said the Owl. The reality is that social media is increasingly becoming important in business. Look at how your customers interact and check-in when they come to ...

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Decide if you want a business partner or an employeee

In one of the weekly business consultations the Bear scheduled with the Owl, the Bear said “I’m not sure if I should partner with the Lion. He’s a close friend, but I’m just not sure if he’s as committed as I am.” The Bear listened intently and said, “you have to make the decision of whether you want a business ...

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