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Why Business Fail According to Mark Cuban

Small businesses don’t fail from lack of capital. They fail from lack of brains or lack of effort via @mcuban #business #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #markcuban #capital #failure #brain #effort #ceo #CEOs #ceoblognation A video posted by CEO Blog Nation : I am CEO (@ceoblognation) on Aug 16, 2015 at 5:48pm PDT This is a throwback video from Mark Cuban but ...

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You Have a Good Idea…Go For It, GRIND

🙌 This is why we love Shark Tank there’s always words of wisdom for entrepreneurs and business owners. Yesterday was no different. “You have a good idea. Go for it! GRIND Every minute you spend bartending is a minute you’re not’re not doing a consultation…you’re not getting a client. If I were you I would grind…I would live like ...

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If you’re starting a business on a loan…

If you’re starting a business on a loan, you’re a moron…99% of small business you can start with next to no capital. It’s more about effort. Small business don’t fail for lack of capital. It’s from lack of brains. Lack of effort. – Mark Cuban

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Business is 24x7x365

The Rabbit took a drink of Red Bull and found himself back on the computer coding away. At night he spent his time coding while during the day he pitched his new concept to venture capitalist across Silicon Valley. Even after he received Venture Capital for his business, he worked even harder understanding that when he wasn’t working, there was ...

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