Bet on your Strengths

Betting on strengths might be the most underrated strategy in modern business. I’m serious. We have an obsession with improvement. We spend time trying to correct weaknesses, when we could be just paying attention to the strengths. Why? Again, I’m talking about a strictly business scenario, because weaknesses in personal and family life should be given attention and care. But in the office, at work, on your team: focus on the strengths.

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Quit Weaknesses, Focus On Strengths

The Elephant knew that he wasn’t the fastest of the animals, but what when he shipped his goods to his clients rather than take multiple trips like other animals, he focused on taking twice as many goods. The Elephant’s strength was his size and although he moved slower than the other animals, he was able to take more on each shipment.

Lesson: This tip is inspired by The Startup Playbook by David S. Kidder. This ideal has been repeated throughout success books and explains the ideal that instead of wasting time on trying to improve weaknesses, successful people focus on their strengths and leverage them to reach goals.

Image courtesy of maen_cg / FreeDigitalPhotos.net